Personal Trainer and Dance Specialist

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Dance requires a great deal of strength, flexibility and coordination as well as emotional intelligence and stage presence. More often than not, there isn't enough time to work on all of this in your normal weekly classes, especially when every dancer has different demands and different strengths and weaknesses.


This is a service designed specifically for dancers who want to improve their dance technique. Perhaps you have an exam, performance or audition coming up, or perhaps you just want to work on a particular area of your dancing like turn out, core strength, balance or elevation.  I combine my knowledge of dance with my expertise in fitness, anatomy and physiology to design a personalised programme that will focus on your needs as an individual dancer.










I offer private dance lessons in ballet, tap and modern/jazz. Beginners to advanced are all welcome. Please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss what sort of tuition you are after.






Whatever your health and fitness goals, I’m here to help and keep you motivated. In your initial consultation we will assess your fitness and discuss your likes, dislikes, goals and exercise history so that I can design a progressive training programme to meet your specific needs.


I strongly believe enjoyment is the key to staying motivated and reaching your goals. With this in mind,  I will take your personal interests and preferences into account when designing your programme; if you prefer swimming to running, for example, we can build this into your sessions. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t make you work hard! I will always challenge you and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone in order to achieve the best possible results for you.






Personal Training and Private Dance Lessons: 1-to-1 sessions and Small group sessions (2-4 people) available.

Prices vary depending on hall hire and travel. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and for a quote.

10% discounts available on block bookings of 6 for 1-to-1 sessions.