Personal Trainer and Dance Specialist

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Using a range of the most up-to-date training techniques – including Tabata training, plyometric and bodyweight exercises – along with sport-inspired games and drills, this class will improve agility, stamina, speed and power. This sort of training is perfect for sports people as well as non-sports players who want to improve fitness and strength, burn calories, increase muscle tone...and have fun in the process!


See the class timetable for dates and times. Please contact me by phone or email to register your interest or book your first class.



Whatever your health and fitness goals, I’m here to help and keep you motivated. In your initial consultation we will assess your fitness and discuss your likes, dislikes, goals and exercise history so that I can design a progressive training programme to meet your specific needs.


I strongly believe enjoyment is the key to staying motivated and reaching your goals. With this in mind,  I will take your personal interests and preferences into account when designing your programme; if you prefer swimming to running, for example, we can build this into your sessions. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t make you work hard! I will always challenge you and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone in order to achieve the best possible results for you.





Exercising alongside your children is fun, and it is great for youngsters to see you being fit and active so that they grow up thinking it is the norm. Children love to move, but as they grow older they can become more stationary and forget how wonderful it is to use their bodies. Let’s encourage them to keep moving all the way into adult-hood.


This 45-minute class is for anyone who wants to get some exercise during the holidays. You can come without children and benefit from the natural enthusiasm that children bring to exercise, or you can bring your children along with you. The class is outside (so come prepared for the weather) and the emphasis is on having fun, enjoying being outside and, of course, ensuring you get a workout.


Kids go free but to help me plan, please indicate numbers and ages on booking.