Personal Trainer and Dance Specialist

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I live in Deddington with my husband and two daughters, and having grown up in an active family, there's nothing more normal to me than exercising or playing sport most days. At school I played hockey and netball, I was a member of the local athletics and swimming clubs and I had dance lessons or competitions most weekends. Nothing much has changed. I still dance; I still love running and jumping around; and I still get excited about trying new types of exercise. For me, there's nothing better than that rush you get from playing a really hard match or doing a brilliant workout. It's a feeling I think everyone can learn to love if they give it a chance, which is why I became a fitness instructor.


I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor, dance teacher and sports massage therapist. I trained in ballet, tap and modern dance from a young age and I have taught various dance classes over the years to both children and adults: I have taught at dance schools, fitness clubs and I have worked as an A' level dance teacher at sixth form centre.


In 2002, I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist with Premier Training International and shortly after that I gained my Exercise to Music Instructor qualification.


I believe in maintaining a well-balanced, healthy and vibrant body through eating well and doing a range of different types of exercise to keep the muscles and joints strong and supple. I also believe the key to staying motivated and achieving your goals is enjoyment. I want to help people discover a healthy and active life-style that works for them and makes them happy, which is why all of my personal training programmes are tailor made to suit the individual’s needs.


When I’m not dancing, practicing yoga or doing boot camp-style classes in my living room, I like to write and bake and read Clean Eating blogs.